Age of Empires III Complete Collection torrent

Age of Empires III Complete Collection

Age of Empires III Complete Collection torrent

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Age of Empires III Complete Collection

Age of Empires III – Complete Collection (ENG | RUSSIAN) Origami


Year: 2005-2007

Genre: Strategy (real-time) / 3D

Developer: Ensemble Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Some repa

Inglesa | russian

Sound language: English | russian

System requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / Vista;

Processor: Intel Core Duo clocked at 2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 with a GHz clock frequency;

Memory: 512 MB;

Video: 64MB VRAM NVIDIAGeForce 6800or ATI X1300 bateraRadeon;

Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX;

free hard disk space: 4 GB

Age of Empires III the world thanks to its innovative and exciting gameplay of the famous series of strategies that obtiveronrecoñecemento new game. Take the reins of one of the eight countries in Europe and the conquest of the New World. Colonize the vast unexplored territory and wealth and power of America, deserves to be a great empire to conquer.

idadeOf Empires III – WarChiefsdozvolyayeeramangoNative a three civilization and the American struggle for independence of their land. new civilization (Iroquois, Sioux and Aztecs), in addition to new gameplay elements, campaigns, maps, and you can add new types of units.
addon epic battle between the three Indian tribes. Users of the new campaign will consist of 15 missions, and consistent with the original story as saying. In addition to a completely new three-party continues to add new content Yevropymehapolisah something inéditounidadesduHerrialde game, you know, a couple of cards to expand the multiplayer fun of collecting statistics.

Age of Empires III – Asian Dynasties adds some eastern nations, and 15 new “wonders of the world,” new ways of winning and trading methods and patterns of fresh cards (incluíndopode “remixes” of the previous Age of Empires levels) for generator

Features repack:

Do not cut / recipients

It is based on a version of Steam,

Version: Age of Empires III –

AdinaEmpires 3: WarChiefs –

Empires3 Age: Asian Dynasties –

If you do not have the voice did not wobble Inglesa Archive – Russia nonnecesario –

Installation time ~ 15 min